quiet leadership and philanthropy
HRK Foundation
St. Paul, Minnesota
Spring 2018

At our November meeting, the HRK Foundation Board tackled the tough challenge of putting our Racial Equity Statement into action. As we learn more about the far-reaching implications of unequal access to resources in our community, we are adjusting our MAHADH Fund grantmaking to be more inclusive. Our goal is to redirect a portion of MAHADH funding to organizations committed to the work of dismantling persistent patterns of inequity.

As proponents of unrestricted operating support and strong relationships with community partners, Board members recognize that our new direction means redirecting funds from some long-term community partners to new partners that have not been recognized as part of Minnesota’s dominant narrative. We celebrate the organizations that have long benefited from our support and look forward to building new relationships as we move forward with this important work.

We adjusted our funding focus to prioritize equitable funding at our November meeting, and this work will continue at our May meeting, in addition to consideration of a small number of invited requests. We are grateful to the community partners already working in this area for their leadership and encouragement as we learn to work differently for the well-being of our whole community.


Julia Kaemmer Kathleen Fluegel
Julia Kaemmer
President of the Board
Kathleen Fluegel
Executive Director

The Board is not accepting unsolicited requests at this time.
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