HRK Foundation is a family foundation defined by quiet leadership and philanthropy. The Board seeks to improve the fabric of our community by recognizing and addressing unequal access to resources as we work to promote healthy families and healthy communities in the following areas:

Grant Inquiries

Proposals are accepted by invitation only.

HRK Foundation funds community building efforts in support of Immigrant and Refugee rights and well-being, Indigenous Sovereignty, access to healthy and affordable food, access to permanently affordable housing, and advancing the work of neighbors who reach across their differences for the common good.

The Foundation supports arts organizations that expand and sustain the cultural infrastructure of the Twin Cities, recognizing the potential of the arts to facilitate difficult conversations. While acknowledging and celebrating its legacy of support to cornerstone arts organizations, the Foundation will direct new arts funding to culturally-specific arts organizations that reflect our evolving community.

HRK funds programs that strengthen families and promote healthy lives for all people as well as programs that provide access to health and human services.

We do not provide grants to individuals.

Geographic Areas

The Foundation accepts proposals from the following geographic areas: the Twin Cities Metro Area, the St. Croix Valley, and Ashland and Bayfield counties in Wisconsin.

When evaluating requests the Board’s primary focus is Saint Paul.

Grant Inquiries

The Board is committed to annual operating support and long-term relationships with community partners. Our modest size limits the number of organizations we work with, or add, annually. As a result, the Board accepts proposals by invitation only and finds funding opportunities through our network and active community engagement.