HRK Foundation is a family foundation defined by quiet leadership and philanthropy. The Board seeks to improve the fabric of our community by recognizing and addressing unequal access to resources as we work to promote healthy families and healthy communities.

HRK Foundation is an umbrella organization incorporating a number of family funds. The most visible of these funds was the MAHADH Fund, which was established in 1962 as a giving vehicle for Mary Elizabeth (Betty) Andersen Hulings and her husband, A.D. (Bill) Hulings. Both founders are now deceased and the MAHADH Fund sunset, but their legacy of generosity and quiet service continue through the philanthropy and community involvement of their descendants.

MAHADH Fund Sunsetting

December 31, 2020

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Board of Directors

  • Chris Galloway, Board Chair
  • Katherine Hayes, Vice Chair
  • Jill Koosmann, President
  • Leiha Macauley

Program Administration

  • Jill Koosmann
    • President
  • Liz Coughlin
    • Foundation Manager
  • Katy Davis
    • Operations Manager


  • Grantmakers in the Arts
  • Grantmakers for Effective Organizations
  • Minnesota Council of Nonprofits
  • Mission Investors Exchange
  • National Center for Family Philanthropy
  • PEAK Grantmaking
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems Funders